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Jezera (the Lakes) is the smallest town on the island of Murter. It was named after large pools of water which flow into the valley during autumn and wintertime and look like real lakes. Although these "lakes" usually  disappear with the first rays of spring sun, it  is this natural phenomenon that the region has always been famous for.

The first settlers came here in 1298. It is said they had been attracted by a well-hidden friendly bay in the north-east of the island. There are many churches and religious monuments here, mostly from the 17th and the 18th century. The church of Our Lady of the Health (Gospe od zdravlja), built in 1720. is probably the most beautiful one.

It was probably due to mean soil that residents of Jezera became such excellent fishermen and seamen. Even today the town still looks like a typical Dalmatian fishing village,  although it has turned into one of the largest fishing centres in Central Dalmatia.

In case you would like to have fresh fish, calamari, shrimps or mussels - Jezera is the right place for you! Coming to town quay at dusk and buying sea food directly from fishermen, who just came back from sea, will be an unforgettable experience!

Beach "Lučica"


The Lučica Beach is a beautiful pebble beach located near the center of Jezera on the island of Murter. The beach is located at only a 10 minute walk from the very center of the town, making this beach very accessible and popular. You can get close to the beach by car, but from the parking lot you will have to walk a few minutes to get exactly to the beach.

The most frequent guests on the Lučica beach are families with children, but often young people also visit this beach because of the bars and the cafés and the possibility of renting water scooters. The beach is nicely decorated and maintained, and there is also a concrete part for sunbathing and relaxing by the sea. For children there is a playground with various activities, and there is also a café next to the playground so you can relax with a refreshing drink as the children play in the park.

Beach "Lovišća"

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Lovišća Beach is located on the island of Murter in Jezera within the camp of the same name. Lovišća is a pebble beach with paved areas ideal for children.

Those who want to enjoy the sun can rent deck-chairs on the beach. In the background there is a pine tree forest where you can take shelter from the sun. On the beach there are various facilities that will fulfill your time so you can enjoy the iceberg, kayaks, tennis, mini golf and many other sports. The beach has outdoor showers and public toilets.

If you want to refresh yourself there is a cafe bar and restaurant above the beach in which you can enjoy a variety of Dalmatian specialties.

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