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Nature park "Telašćica"


Telascica is a 10km long bay, which was up until 1988 a principle part of the National Park Kornati. Today it is a nature park on the southeast coast of Dugi island, which includes the highest peak Grpašćak – 161m, and the salt lake Mir.


Telascica is one of the most beautiful and largest bays in the Adriatic Sea. It is surrounded by 13 islands and islets, and 6 islets within the bay itself. It is also a well know shelter for many types of floating vessels. The north-eastern side of the bay is completely bare, without vegetation, while the south-western side is full of thick forests of pine, olive and fig trees. From the Tripuljak bay, via a five minute path, you can reach the Mir Lake, which has an area of 230,000 m2, and a depth of up to 10m. The changing of the tides in the lake is an interesting phenomenon, which is closely connected to the changing of the tide in the sea, the lakes changes tides as the sea, with a few hours difference.


The town of Telascice has been inhabited since ancient times and remains from the Palaeolithic age testify to it (remains in the town Sali, roman remains at Mala Proversa, and the old Croatian pre-roman church at Dugopolje). The steep cliffs are very impressive, which rise above sea level to 166m, and shelter the bay from the open sea.


There is an abundance of Mediterranean vegetation in the park, over 400 plant species, with numerous rare plants. The wild life is also very rich. Over 250 plant and 300 animal organisms live in the sea, which include the sea sponge, and the rare red coral.

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